Let’s make Impact?

Impact in nature!

Impact in the future of the Planet!

Impact in your life and in your legacy!

Impact in your Finances, and in your balance-sheet!

Impact in your Business and your competitiveness!

Quem Somos

Impact Energy Performance Advisors is a company specialised in energy solutions aiming to become a reliable advisor for SME and Big companies. We are proud to work in a business that produces the energy of the future, leveraged on leading partners in each speciality. The world is our limit and our challenge; our knowledge and experience can travel fast and well. Our Partners, our greatest asset! 

IMPACT is specialized in energy advice and integrate technology solutions based on technical and financial analysis and performance indicators. Act as service provider in main drivers of energy transition, being present during the whole project life cycle. 

Our mission is to make your business more competitive, more independent, and more environmentally friendly while enabling you to reach your full potential.